Love Cats Forever

Popular Does Not = Crap And actually, unpopular doesn’t, either. Value judgements, when it comes to artistic endeavour, are entirely subjective, and the success of a piece of work doesn’t necessarily correlate with the level of effort expended by, or the talent of, its creator. There’s a school of thought that suggests any work achieving […]

Hearts vs. Minds

‘Articulate’ and ‘eloquent’ are often used interchangeably to mean ‘convincing with words,’ but there’s an important difference between the two terms. To convey an idea effectively you need to be articulate; but only eloquence can achieve emotional resonance. Eloquence requires a fluency in the language of feelings, an understanding of the simple means by which […]

The Joker Channel

We’re all mini-broadcasters now. Many of us still have a weakness for traditional sources of information such as television news, the national newspapers and even the good old-fashioned library; but if you also have any kind of online existence, you’ll have noticed how much richer the information-gathering experience is these days. For any given news […]

Shaking With The Enemy

No doubt Barack Obama’s stated aims in the furtherance of peace are laudable enough, but in the case of Iran I wonder if the Nobel Committee hasn’t been a little premature in its evaluation of his efforts. The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is a repressive regime, governing without – despite protestations of democracy – […]

God has no place in schools, like facts have no place in religion

Dear Headmaster Like most parents, I want my children to have access to stimulating, informative materials that will enhance their knowledge of the world around them. At home, I carefully select the books, films, plays and exhibitions that I believe will increase their understanding, and vet those that I think might be confusing or inappropriate. […]