Love Cats Forever

Popular Does Not = Crap And actually, unpopular doesn’t, either. Value judgements, when it comes to artistic endeavour, are entirely subjective, and the success of a piece of work doesn’t necessarily correlate with the level of effort expended by, or the talent of, its creator. There’s a school of thought that suggests any work achieving […]


Shaking With The Enemy

No doubt Barack Obama’s stated aims in the furtherance of peace are laudable enough, but in the case of Iran I wonder if the Nobel Committee hasn’t been a little premature in its evaluation of his efforts. The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is a repressive regime, governing without – despite protestations of democracy – […]

God has no place in schools, like facts have no place in religion

Dear Headmaster Like most parents, I want my children to have access to stimulating, informative materials that will enhance their knowledge of the world around them. At home, I carefully select the books, films, plays and exhibitions that I believe will increase their understanding, and vet those that I think might be confusing or inappropriate. […]